Effects of Tai Chi Chuan on Psychobiological Indicators of Anxiety and Sleep Quality

Drs. Karen Caldwell, Shawn Bergman, Scott Collier, and N. Travis Triplett are screening potential subjects for a research study comparing two different approaches to teaching tai chi chuan, a mind-body exercise that has been helpful to young adults ages 18-40 years in managing their stress, anxiety, and sleep quality. By doing this research, we hope to learn which approach best helps young adults to practice tai chi in preparation for a study of how tai chi practice affects the physiology and mental well-being of young people who have symptoms of anxiety and stress. There will also be a control group that receives helpful educational materials on anxiety and stress management. Participants will be randomly assigned to one of these three groups. Participation in this study is voluntary; participants are free to withdraw at any time or refuse to participate without penalty.

This screening requires you to provide certain demographic information. Questions regarding anxiety and mood will be asked. If you are selected, you become eligible for participation in a research project that includes a maximum of $80 for participation in the entire project that lasts for 6 months. Please note that you must complete the entire questionnaire to be eligible for selection. The estimated time to complete this questionnaire is about 6 minutes. Completion of this questionnaire does not guarantee your selection and participation in a research project, it only provides the researchers with authorization to place your e-mail address and telephone number in a recruitment pool for future consideration. If selected, you will be contacted by telephone and given further information about the study and offered a chance to participate. Your participation in this survey does not commit you to participate in the future study. The information you provide in the questionnaire will remain confidential. Only those researchers associated with the study will have access to your personal information.

Your name and associated personal information will not be shared with anyone outside of the research team. The personal information that you share is stored in password-protected access.

Questions about this study can be addressed to Karen Caldwell, Principal Investigator, at appstatetaichi@appstate.edu or caldwllkl@appstate.edu or 828-262-6045. Questions regarding the protection of human subjects may be addressed to the IRB Administrator, Research and Sponsored Programs, Appalachian State University, Boone, NC 28608 (828) 262-2130, irb@appstate.edu

By continuing to the survey, I acknowledge that I am at least 18 years old, have read the above information, and provide my consent to participate under the terms above.

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