Family Support Network of North Carolina


Family Support Network of North Carolina promotes and provides support for families with children who have special needs. Families are in a unique position to offer information and support to other families. An experienced family member can share the most practical advice and help a parent navigate the complex service system. Having support can make it easier for families to experience the joy and satisfaction that can come from parenting a child with special needs. This Parent-to-Parent support is available through local, affiliated Family Support Network programs across the state and through the Central Directory of Resources. Family Support Network of North Carolina promotes and provides family support through its family support services; education and outreach activities; research and evaluation; and other projects. While the local organizations vary somewhat, they are all affiliates of Family Support Network of North Carolina and engage in similar family support activities. These include parent-to-parent matching, whereby parents with concerns about their child and/or family can talk with other parents with similar experiences and concerns. Support parents have participated in a training program to prepare them to provide appropriate guidance and support. Local programs offer support groups and workshops for families and service providers, and they make presentations to increase public awareness of disability-related issues. Many of the Program Coordinators are themselves family members with children with disabilities who have made use of the service system. They are strongly committed to effective support for families and believe that this support is best provided by others who have had similar experiences.

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Monday - Friday / 8:00 - 5:00

Areas Served: 
Alleghany County
Ashe County
Avery County
Watauga County
Wilkes County

Irene Nathan Zipper, Director


(919) 966-2841

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Carr Mill Mall
200 North Greensboro St, Suite D-9