Mission, Vision & Strategic Plan

Our Vision

The IHHS will be the preeminent vehicle for connecting university resources to community needs for the promotion of health and wellness research, clinical training, and outreach in Western North Carolina.  We aspire to create a community of learning—or regional classroom—wherein all community members are engaged with Appalachian in the process of learning, training students, seeking new knowledge, and directing the future of a healthy and prosperous region.

Our Mission

The mission of the Blue Cross NC Institute for Health and Human Services, within the Beaver College of Health Sciences, is to promote multidisciplinary research opportunities, clinical services, community outreach, and training programs related to holistic health and well-being with the overarching goal of improving lives through transformative social, environmental, and healthcare advances.

Goal 1

Build interdisciplinary research focused on regional health & wellness with sustainable external funding.

Our Strategies

  • Stimulate & support interdisciplinary submissions for external funding.
  • Provide developmental, financial, & administrative support for grants.
  • Stimulate & support scholarly submissions to academic journals.

Our Metrics

  • Grant submissions
  • External funding
  • Publications

Goal 2

Provide interprofessional clinical training opportunities for students through supervised clinical services.

Our Strategies

  • Support clinical programs within the construct of the interprofessional clinic.
  • Create new clinical programs.
  • Create sustainable clinical partnerships throughout the region.

Our Metrics

  • Number of clinical programs and partnerships
  • Student and client satisfaction ratings
  • Measurable health & wellness outcomes

Goal 3

Impact the region through outreach programs targeting health and wellness across the lifespan.

Our Strategies

  • Develop & sustain community partnerships.
  • Build regional connections to enhance communication and resource sharing .
  • Develop & sustain programs to support & enhance the well-being of individuals and groups throughout the region.

Our Metrics

  • Number of programs and partnerships
  • Community ratings from participants & partners
  • External funding