Clinical Services & Training

The mission of the Blue Cross NC Institute for Health and Human Services is to promote multidisciplinary research opportunities, clinical services, community outreach, and training programs related to holistic health and well-being with the overarching goal of improving lives through transformative social, environmental, and healthcare advances. In keeping with this mission, the Interprofessional Clinic aspires to provide interprofessional clinical training opportunities for students through supervised clinical services. 

Our strategies are to create and sustain clinical and outreach services that:

  1. support clinical training of students through our academic programs,
  2. create new interprofessional clinical programs that meet the needs of our students and our region and train students to work across disciplines in a way that will improve health outcomes, and
  3. create sustainable clinical partnerships throughout the region.

The Interprofessional Clinic has two locations:

  1. Leon Levine Hall of Health Sciences at the corner of State Farm Road and Deerfield Road (1179 State Farm Rd).
  2. 400 University Hall Drive, which is above Staples off of Hwy 321.


Affiliated Clinics & Services

The Interprofessional Clinic has several affiliated clinics operating in its facilities:

ASU Psychology Clinic (as of January 7, 2019)

Charles E. and Geneva S. Scott Scottish Rite Communication Disorders Clinic

ASU Music Therapy Clinic


Current On Site Health Services

Through these clinics and other collaborations, the Interprofessional Clinic offers the following Clinical Services:

The IHHS is home to a Preschool Language Classroom, which includes interprofessionals services from speech pathology, music therapy, and reading and special education, as well as some occupational and physical therapy.

Current Mobile Health Services


Discrimination Policy

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Discrimination Policies

Interpreter Services

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Interpreter Services