Autism & Developmental Disabilities

Clinical Referrals & Consultations

Autism diagnostic services are currently on hold.  Please call 828-262-2185 or email for a list of other evaluation sites in North Carolina. 

Click here or email for a list of local organizations providing autism support and services. 

Click here to learn more about IHHS Community Outreach Activites and Programs for Autism incuding the Hub For Autism and Neurodiversity and Camp Crinkleroot, 

Social Work Care Collaborative

The Social Work Care Collaborative was established in the Spring semester of 2019 to support members of our community while providing students with a quality field experience with activities on the individual, groups, community, and organizational levels. We partnered with other departments in the Beaver College of Health Sciences, other colleges, community members, organizations and agencies to help fill areas of service gaps and to assist other groups in meeting or extending their identified service goals.  

In January, 2021, the Social Work Care Collaborative expanded services to include the ASU student body as well as continue our work in the community. We have been working in partnership with existing groups on campus such as the Early Intervention Team, the Dean of Students Office, University Housing, the Counseling Center and Wellness and Prevention to determine areas of service needs and have several services currently available, with additional services pending.

Bachelor's and Master's Degree level Social Work student interns are available to provide:

  • Assessments
  • Interventions and treatment
  • Supportive and goal-oriented counseling
  • Case management / Systems navigation
  • Referrals to relevant Appalachian State programs, community agencies or services
  • Program or resource development
  • Advocacy
  • Training
  • Education
  • Consultations for faculty, staff, students, or parents
  • Community and organizational development
  • Professional education

 *Currently, all services are being provided virtually or by phone*

Hours:  Monday - Friday, 8:30am-5:00pm

**The Social Work Care Collaborative is closed during the University breaks

Phone: (828) 262 - 4028



Nutrition Consultations

Consultations with Master of Science in Nutrition students are available for families with autistic children. Consults will assess mealtime behaviors and gastrointestinal issues. Dietary analysis by collecting dietary recall information is also available. More focused follow-up visits will also be available if issues are identified. Call 828-262-8658 to schedule an appointment.