iSHINE Scholars in the Classroom

For the 2020 Spring Semester, iSHINE scholars are working in local classrooms participating in a 20-hour practicum experience. This interdisciplinary classroom experience allows scholars to apply and use what they have been learning in the iSHINE program to support K-12 students who have high-intensity needs (HIN) in a classroom. Scholars have opportunities to observe and interact with students and experienced professionals from other disciplines in authentic classrooms as well as plan and teach lessons for various purposes. For example, two of our scholars working in an elementary classroom with students who have complex communication needs are leading literacy activities where they integrate opportunities to model and encourage communication. iSHINE scholars write bi-weekly reflections of their classroom experiences that include what went well, what they would change next time, and what questions they still have about the experience. In monthly scholar meetings, questions or ideas from the reflections are discussed so that scholars have the opportunity to share and give feedback.  Overall, this practicum experience allows scholars to gain a better understanding of how to work with an interdisciplinary team in supporting students with HIN in the classroom. Below two scholars share reflections of the value of this practicum experience:

"During one of the lessons, I helped a student who uses core vocabulary to participate in a Valentine's Day activity. I was really proud of myself for using strategies that I learned in Dr Koppenhaver's literacy class."- Carolina Parris, Special Education Graduate Student and iSHINE Scholar

"Having the teacher assistant and teacher to support and encourage me when working with these students is reassuring that my work is important and I enjoy working on a team and collaborating with them. They are also great when I need help navigating certain devices or when I'm not sure how to approach certain situations."- Melissa Johnson, SLP Graduate Student and iShine Scholar

Published: Mar 11, 2020 6:09pm