Riding for You!

iSHINE Advisory Board member, Merlie Jackson is not one to shy away from a challenge, especially if it involves her daughter Jessie, and others' opinions about what Jessie can and cannot do. Jessie is nonverbal and not able to walk or stand on her own, however she can experience the open road and her love for motorcycles thanks to a creative idea, fearless families, and an incredible community. In 2017, Merlie started Riding for You, a Facebook-based group focused on creating friendships and providing the "experience" of riding a motorcycle for those that cannot experience it for themselves.

Riding For You creates on-on-one friendships between a "biker" and an individual with special needs. The biker can "share" the freedom of riding a motorcycle with their buddy on Facebook through pictures and videos, and individuals with special needs can share an insight into the special needs world with their buddy. So often disabilities keep individuals from enjoying things in life a lot of us take for granted. Riding For You is one way EVERYONE can see life from a motorcycle regardless of the challenges they face.

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Jessie and her Rider
Published: Jun 21, 2018 9:53am