Annual Employee Health Fair & Flu Clinic

Fall 2023 Employee Health and Benefits Fair

Flu clinic Sign up Friday, 9/22 @ 9 am - Thursday, 10/5 @ 5 pm (Click here)



11:00 Presentation Brain Breaks and Nervous System Resets for the Over-Active Brain

All of us respond to challenge and change in different ways. This workshop is designed for individuals
who would describe themselves as having difficulty with focus, anxiety, and/or “over-thinking.”
This 30-minute class will discuss the topics of co-regulation and self-regulation, brain coherence,
nervous system resets, and self-soothing mechanisms. This class is experiential and fun, and it will
involve some gentle movement.
Terri Chester, MA, LCMHC Counseling for Faculty and Staff

12:00 Presentation Take an Awe Walk to Support Your Mental Health

An “awe walk” is a stroll in which you intentionally shift your attention outward instead of inward. On awe walks we pay attention to the large or small things around us that bring a sense of beauty, wonder, gratitude, or inspiration. Research shows that taking such walks increases our sense of well-being, contentment and compassion and decreases distress.  

We will meet to talk about the concept of awe walks, take a 10 minute, self-paced walk, and then gather to share reflections and think about how it could be helpful to regularly incorporate awe walks or other mindfulness activities into our lives.

Tandrea J. Carter, PhD. (she/her)
University Ombudsperson, Director, Counseling for Faculty and Staff

We are proud to announce this is a ZERO Waste Event!