Girls on the Run Volunteer and Internship Positions

Coach with girl

When a girl runs, she lives in the moment.

She’s no longer small, big, slow, fast, shy, loud, rule-breaker or rule-follower. The layers peel away with every step she takes until all that remains is strength. Utter confidence in her abilities and, by extension, herself. Through running, she discovers her power.

At Girls on the Run, the finish line is just the beginning.

Girls on the Run of the High Country has some of the best volunteers in the world! With only one part-time staff member, GOTR-HC wouldn’t be able to operate without the many many committed volunteers stepping-up every year to make the program as successful as it is. Listed below are some of the volunteer opportunities that we need help with! Please complete one of the forms below if you’re interested in being added to our volunteer list!  

Head Coach

The Head Coaches’ main responsibility is to prepare and deliver the Girls on the Run curriculum for the 10-week season. Throughout the lessons, the coach will serve as a role model by having a healthy lifestyle and positive attitude. Most importantly, the Head Coach will have fun with the girls, encourage positive behaviors and help all participants become fully engaged.


  • Prepare delivery of Girls on the Run lessons for each session
  • Serve as a role model for the girls by being on time, listening attentively, having a positive demeanor and outlook, and by leading a healthy lifestyle
  • To encourage girls as they play games and participate in activities
  • To coach the girls on proper stretching, running form and hydration
  • To mediate disputes amongst girls in an immediate and respectful manner and to address behavioral concerns
  • To attend end of the season 5K runs and encourage participation
  • Attend a mid-season coaches’ meetings
  • Coordinate race registration with the girls and the GOTR office staff
  • Recruit running buddies for your girls and coordinate their race needs
  • Return all coaching materials as received in a timely manner
  • To be yourself and have fun!


  • Availability twice a week for 10 weeks for 1.5 hours (between 2:30-5:00pm)
  • Allow time for lesson preparation
  • Must attend end of the Girls on the Run of the High Country 5K and participate either by running or cheering!

Head Coach Requirements:

  • Adult CPR certification (provided free of charge to coaches)
  • Completed application and non-compete form
  • Background check
  • Attendance at 4-hour training session with GOTR staff 
  • Attendance at coaches meetings and end of the season celebration
  • Must be 21 years or older
  • Must be female

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Assistant Coach:

The Assistant Coaches’ main responsibility is to serve as an encourager, cheerleader and *superstar* supporter during workouts and 5K runs. The Head Coach will need your assistance in many of the activities and workouts.


  • Attend all lessons and assist with the various activities and workouts
  • Run and/or walk with girls during workouts to provide encouragement
  • Give advice on running, speed-walking and pacing
  • Help the coach prepare for lessons as needed
  • Provide administrative assistance with mailings and other duties


  • Availability twice a week for 12 weeks for 1.5 hours (between 2:30-5pm)
  • Must attend end of the season 5K run and cheer!

Assistant Coach Requirements:

  • Completed application and non-compete form
  • Background check
  • Attendance at 4-hour training session with GOTR Staff (highly recommended)
  • Attendance at coaches’ meetings and end of the season celebration
  • Must be 16 years or older
  • Can be either Male or Female

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Summer Internship  

Please visit the summer internship page for more information and to apply!

5K Helpers

Twice per year (generally on ASU's Reading Day in December and May) GOTR-HC hosts the ZAP Fitness Girls on the Run of the High Country 5K for program participants and their running buddies.  The spring 5K is open to community runners in addition to program particiapnts while the fall 5K is only for program participants and their running buddies.

The goal of each 5K is for the girls to do their best and HAVE FUN! Girls are not encouraged to race competitively, but are encouraged to reach their own goals. For most girls, that's making it to the finish-line- whether it is by walking, running or skipping.

In order to make this a FUN event, we will need helpers to fill the following positions:

  • Advisory Team (5 people): each 5K event has considerable planning needs! We need energetic volunteers to commit to the overall planning and organization of the event, from start to finish! The advisory team typically meets on a monthly basis between September to December as well as February to May.
  • Cheerleaders!!!! Bring your home-made signs, cow bells, noise makers, hula girl costumes!
  • Decorators: We would love to liven up the event with a balloon arch, signs, banners, etc.
  • Directional people: The route for the course will be basic and clearly marked but we will still need flag-wavers to make sure participants stay on-course.

Yes!  I want to volunteer now! Please send an email to indicating that you would like to be a part of the 5K!

High Country Triple Crown Helpers

As a fundraiser for GOTR-HC, we share many volunteers with the High Country Triple Crown. We need volunteers for all three of the races in the series: The Cub. The High Country Half Marathon and The Knob. All volunteers receive High Country Triple Crown volunteer t-shirts!

  • Water stations: set-up station, handing out of water cups to runners, clean-up, cheering!
  • Directional people: at each turn in each race, we need a volunteer to waive runners in the correct direction
  • First aid/emergency care: trained individuals are needed to help staff a tent for care for runners and to roam the courses to offer assistance.

 Yes!  I want to volunteer now! Please send an email to indicating that you would like to be a part of the High Country Triple Crown!

Luck o' the Lassie Leprechans

Our annual fundraiser, The Luck o' the Lassie (LOL), is always held around St. Patrick's Day in March and features a lively and green theme. This event requires considerable volunteer assistance. All volunteers received free entry to the event!

Leprechan positions include:

  • Auction coordinator: we hold a live auction at the Luck o' the Lassie that is much anticipated by all the attendees. This volunteer will coordinate and solicit auction items, creatively work to display and describe all items prior to the auction, create a script for the auctioneer and keep track of which items have been won by attendees.
  • Marketing guru: the LOL has a limited number of tickets for attendance- it is our goal to sell-out every year! In addition to advertising the event, we use this opportunity to market the strengths of the Girls on the Run program! This volunteer should have experience in advertising and fully understand the goals and mission of GOTR!
  • General helper: set-up, clean-up, registration, ticket-seller, auction item collector, etc.

 Yes!  I want to volunteer now! Please send an email to indicating that you would like to be a part of the Luck o' the Lassie!

Academic Year Internships

Girls on the Run of the High Country has supported interns from various disciplines at ASU including students from health promotions, counseling, exercise science, nutrition, social work, recreation, non-profit management and nursing.  We’re happy to work with you, your advisor and the chairperson of your department in order to facilitate a valuable learning experience. 

The primary responsibility of the GOTR-HC intern is to work with the Council Director to implement a successful program and to assist with other community health outreach efforts at BCBS IHHS.  Experience will include mentoring girls, marketing and administrative skill development and serving on the GOTR-HC Advisory Board. Other related opportunities at BCBS IHHS may include work on The Active Choice or the Community Resource Directory projects. The position provides a unique opportunity to execute knowledge based in health promotion and health education and to gain non-profit and program management experience.

Please contact Mary Sheryl Horine if you are interested in persuing an academic year internship or field placement.