HCTC Public Health Modifications 2020


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High Country Triple Crown Public Health Modifications:

 1.      Start Lines and Timing. In order to reduce crowding, runners will be sorted into starting groups categorized by estimated time of finish. Faster runners will start in the first group so that they will likely not have to pass other runners.  Groups (waves) will be comprised of 25 runners each. Each wave will start five minutes after the previous wave.


Timing adjustments to each runner’s clocked finish time will be made following the race.


To further space runners, the starting line will be as wide as possible to be able to spread runners out to the maximum width of the road. Starting locations will be marked on the pavement to ensure that each runner has a dedicated spot within their starting group.


 2.      Event Areas:




  • No in-person registration will be offered, however online registration will remain open until 7:30am (7:00am for Half Marathon) on race day to allow participants to register on their own smartphones.
  •  Information about race day registration remaining open will be shared on social media to encourage runners to register before they arrive.
  •  Signage will be posted for online registration instructions to let people know how to register on their phone.
  •  A dedicated volunteer who is familiar with the process of registering online via phone will be available to answer questions.


Packet Pick-up for Pre-registered Participants

  • Packet pick-up (bibs and t-shirts) for pre-registered runners will be self-service -- no interaction with staff. Staff will be available to answer questions during packet pick-up.
  • Ground dots will indicate 6 ft. spacing for people waiting in line.
  • Additional packet pick-up times will be scheduled to decrease the number of participants having to wait in line.
  • Packet pick-up will be held in an outside location.






  • Following the race, participants will be able to “grab and go” pre-packaged granola bars, candy bars and whole fruit with peels.
  • Pre-poured water in individual cups will be available.


Awards and Results


  • Participants will be emailed as soon as possible following the race with the race results.
  • To lessen crowding, results will not be physically posted.
  • No award’s ceremony will be held.
  • All awards will be mailed or available for pick-up at Levine Hall.


Finish Line Flow


  • Runners will be encouraged to keep moving away from the finish line towards water and food which will be staged in a distant location.
  • Barriers will be used to widen the finish area into a larger space. Volunteers will encourage participants to keep moving out of the finish area.
  • Multiple stations for food and water will limit the gathering of people around one station.
  • The race announcer will be distanced from the immediate finish-area.


3.      Liability Waiver

Update to the existing liability waiver will include language specifically addressing health guidelines for participating in events. *to be approved by ASU Legal Office*


“As it applies to my participation in this race, I  agree to abide by the Center for Disease Control (CDC)'s recommendations for the prevention of the spread of COVID-19 and attest to having read the CDC's guidance at: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/prepare/prevention.html.


I also agree to abide by any COVID-19 distancing and other safety guidelines issued by the state, the community or by this race for my participation in this race.


 I attest that I have not been exposed to a person with lab-confirmed SARS-CoV-2 in the last 14 days and that I do not currently have a fever or an upper-respiratory infection. “

 4.      Porta-Potties/bathrooms


  • The number of porta-potties will be increased to lessen the number of people waiting.
  • Each porta-potty will have plenty of hand-sanitizer.
  • Volunteers will be assigned to do frequent quick cleanings.


 5.      On-course Water stops


  • Runners will be encouraged to bring their own hydration supplies.
  • Course marshals will have supplies of bottled water with them for emergencies.
  • There will be three water stops with no attendants.
  • Each water stop will have pre-filled cups of water on tables adequately spaced to prevent crowding.


6.      Masks and/or health screenings


  • Participants will be asked to wear face coverings during any time they are in transition areas before and after their runs.
  • Participants will be required to sign the informed consent document attesting that they do not have a fever on race day and that they have not had a known exposure to SARS-CoV-2.


7.      Communication


  • Communication with registrants will happen as they register to let them know about health guidelines. Individuals who are SARS-CoV-2 positive, or experiencing symptoms, or a close contact of a case, will be told not to come and that their registration fee will be refunded.
  • Written guidance will be shared with participants about how to run and train safely during a pandemic. https://www.rrca.org/news-articles/news-archives/2020/03/15/advice-for-rrca-members-running-coaches-and-club-leaders
  • Reminders will be sent to participants to take responsibility for their own personal safety.