Conference Presentation Topics

Keynote Topic: 

Neurodiversity and Autism: Embracing Values of Acceptance, Inclusion, Ambition, and Love in Family, Schools, and Community Every autistic child and adult deserves acceptance in a community of family, friends, and professionals who recognize and honor their full selves, including their autism, as contribution. Ray Hemachandra tells his family's story from his perspective as a parent and advocate for his autistic and intellectually disabled son, Nicholas, from early childhood and diagnosis through his son's transition to adulthood, reflecting on how his own neurodiverse perspective developed and changed and the values he has come to hold dear. While being forthright and not diminishing the challenges of autism, medical complications, discrimination, and just life along the way, Hemachandra will celebrate the tremendous growth of autistic voice and community and describe how autism acceptance can make everyone's lives kinder, fuller, happier, and more meaningful. 

Breakout Session Topics: 

• Daily Transitions & Change: Why It’s Hard & What Makes It Easier 

• How Speech-Generating Devices Can Be Helpful for People with Autism 

• Anxiety and Autism

• Creating Social Narratives to Guide Understanding of Social Situations and ExpectationsEvidence-Based and Promising Practices Related to Behavioral Concerns in Early Childhood 

• Technology Supports for Teens and Adults with ASD that Support Success at School, Home, and Work 

• Nutritional Support 

• Make and Takes