Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will lunch be provided as part of the conference?



Q: Are you able to accommodate special dietary needs?

A:  There will be dairy-free, gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options, though there is some risk of cross-contamination in any buffet-style setting. Therefore, those with severe or life-threatening allergies may wish to bring their own lunch. 


Q: Will there be coffee or breakfast at the conference?

A: We’re excited to have the Coffee Talk group from Hardin Park School preparing and selling breakfast items during registration.


Q: Will certificates of attendance be provided?

A: Yes, we will provide certificates of attendance electronically after evaluations have been completed.


Q: I want to ask the presenters questions. Is it okay to ask questions any time during their presentation?

A: Unless the presenter says it is okay, please hold your questions until the end of their presentation or speak with them during a break. 


Q: I really want to remember what the presenters say, can I record their presentation? Can I take pictures of their slides?

A: This can be distracting to other people. Please do not audio or video record the presentations or take pictures of slides. The presenters may be willing to share their presentation slides with you after the conference.


Q: Can I take notes?

A: Of course! We encourage you to bring a pen and notebook. Our presenters have so much to share with you.


Q: How do I sign up breakout sessions?

A: When you arrive the morning of the conference, there will be sign-ups for each break-out session. Seats are limited for some of the sessions!