Equipment Lending Forms

In order to borrow equipment from the Lending Library, you must first become a "friend of the library". Essentially, you have to fill out the Sign-Up Card, and return it to the Partnership. At which point, you have free access to all the items housed in the library! Most people sign up at trainings/presentations, however, the form is on this site, and can be easily accessed. When you send it back (, please be sure to tell us how you heard about the program!

The Loan Agreement Form, is the contract that we have everyone sign, just to ensure that the individual borrowing knows that equipment they have and vice-versa.

The Equipment Use Log, is the form we ask everyone to fill out in order to track numbers, and ideas related to the different pieces of equipment in the Lending Library.

If a piece of equipment breaks, is misplaced, or becomes damaged in some way, we simply ask that you fill out the Equipment Incident Report Form. We understand that stuff happens! Especially when mass numbers of young kids are involved! We just ask for honesty in our borrowing agreement.