Conducting Research with ARHS


Wanting to Collaborate with ARHS* on Research? 

*Includes all Appalachian Regional Health System facilities and staff.





Step by step instructions

  1. Whether you are simply wanting to advertise your study, actively recruit ARHS participants, or collaborate on study development and implementation with someone who works with ARHS, you must follow the process set forth by the ARHS Research Department.

  2. First, contact the ASU Coordinator who serves as the liaison for the ARHS Research Department. This is currently Gary McCullough ( or 262-7675. He can answer questions and assist you with the application process.

  3. If only recruiting/advertising, complete the Clinical Research Proposal form (download form below) and submit to Gary McCullough for review. He will help ensure the form is complete and submit it on your behalf. NOTE: Posting flyers/advertisements can be expedited and usually gets approval within a week to ten days. Active recruiting at facilities or utilizing ARHS staff to recruit requires a full approval process and may take 3 to 6 weeks.

  4. If you want to conduct research at ARHS and/or collaborate with someone at ARHS on research, the proposal will be routed through four internal ARHS committees with final approvals by their legal department, Director of Clinical Services, and CEO. Please follow these guidelines and work with the ASU Coordinator to move the process along successfully.

***Do not submit to Appalachian State’s IRB until asked to do so. This is at the request of the ASU IRB to prevent multiple reviews for ARHS related projects.

  1. Work with the ASU Coordinator to make any necessary preliminary contacts regarding the project. 

  2. Once contacts are made and ARHS staff to be involved consent to collaborate, complete the Clinical Research Proposal form and send to the ASU Coordinator.

  3. ASU Coordinator will submit the proposal to the ARHS Research Department and help facilitate the proposal moving through the process. 

  4. Once the proposal has been approved by all subcommittees and ARHS legal provides pre-approval, the PI will be informed and the ASU IRB can be submitted.

  5. Once ASU IRB approval is received, the ASU Coordinator will send the approval forward and the project can receive final approval from the ARHS attorney, the Director of Clinical Services and the CEO. 

NOTE: Again, this process can take 6 to 8 weeks or longer depending on the ASU IRB timeline. Starting early and working with/communicating with the ASU Coordinator will help facilitate approval more quickly.

NOTE: Projects involving students trying to complete research projects for graduation requirements will be prioritized and expedited as much as possible.

***For questions, please contact Gary McCullough at or 262-7675.

 Click here for Clinical Proposal Initial Application