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Program Purpose:

The Health Interdisciplinary Research Seed Allocations (HIRSA) program is a new seed funding mechanism funded by Appalachian State’s Blue Cross NC Institute for Health & Human Services (IHHS). Through HIRSA funding, the IHHS aspires to bolster innovative research in health-related sciences that addresses significant health-related problems in meaningful ways. In doing so, HIRSA funding will support new or existing interdisciplinary collaborations across a minimum of two disciplines/professions that can demonstrate a high likelihood of continued collaboration and external funding to continue the work in a programmatic way.


2022 HIRSA Funding Priority Description:

The FY22 HIRSA Funding cycle will support new and existing research projects that are interdisciplinary and address current and significant health-related problems in meaningful ways. Projects can have basic science methods but need to address clinically relevant health concerns.

Successful applicants will not only address significant health concerns with an interdisciplinary approach but will demonstrate a high likelihood of continued collaboration and external funding to continue the work in a programmatic way. In keeping with the mission of the IHHS, prioritization will be given to projects with the most direct impact on regional health issues.

Research teams must have a minimum of two disciplines/professions represented, and three or more are encouraged if it enhances the ability to address the targeted problem. Teams may be composed of faculty members, EHRA staff, and others such as research professors and external collaborators. Only Appalachian State faculty can serve as PI. PIs funded through the HIRSA mechanism are expected to select the IHHS as the administrative unit for any subsequent external funding proposals submitted. External proposals can be submitted collaboratively through the IHHS and RIEEE if appropriate to faculty area/expertise. This is the only way to build the funding capacity of our Institutes so they can continue to support research efforts and increase the amount of funding we can provide in the future.

Budget Information: SEE BUDGET NARRATIVE GUIDELINES LINK (BELOW) FOR COMPLETE INFORMATION. Funds may be used for activities related to research development, including academic year or summer salaries for faculty, support for undergraduate or graduate students, research-related equipment, participant incentives/remuneration, supplies, datasets, and research-related travel for faculty members and/or students.

Budget Limitations (FY 2022): Awards will be provided up to a maximum of $5,000 each. We anticipate supporting 0-3 proposals with approximately $10,000 in total funding available.

Application Deadline: Applications are due March 19th, 2021 by 11:59 pm EST. We anticipate award decisions by mid-April.

Review Process and Criteria: Proposals will be reviewed by a committee composed of selected faculty with expertise in health-related research.

Review Criteria include:

  • Background and significance of project: Ability of research to advance knowledge or create impact for a health-related problem in keeping with the mission of Appalachian State and the IHHS.
  • Evidence of Potential for External Financial Support: Significant weight will be given to proposals that demonstrate a commitment to and vision for seeking external funding to support continuation of the work.
  • Strength of collaboration: Clear articulation of the role of the researcher team members and the contribution of their discipline-specific perspectives to address the research question(s).   
  • Quality of the research plan in achieving the research goals and the appropriateness of the proposed budget and timeline to achieve the stated objectives.
  • Pending Support Strategy: We recognize that applicants must apply to multiple funding sources and cannot always sequence them as they might like or need.  For that reason, we will be flexible when we can, allowing you to adjust as you receive notice of award or rejection.  Please list other pending proposals related to this one (include source, requested amount, and anticipated decision date) and articulate how the funding decision will impact the work and budget proposed here.  If nothing proposed here is duplicated in or dependent upon the outcome of another pending proposal, please simply state this.

Award Conditions:

  • Awardees are expected to attend two meetings (new award and mid-cycle) and present findings at the request of IHHS.
  • All expenditures must adhere to state and University policies.
  • All expenditures will be subject to 2022 fiscal year end spending guidelines.
  • All publications and presentations related to a HIRSA award should acknowledge support from the IHHS.
  • No IHHS grant applicant can serve as a reviewer in the same year.
  • All projects will be required to submit a final report by Friday, July 29, 2022.


Proposal and Narrative Guidelines:


Submit through InfoReady here 



For Additional Information, contact:

Gary H. McCullough (, Executive Director, IHHS