Camp Lakey Gap, at Christmount


Located on a beautiful 600-acre campus in Black Mountain, NC, Camp Lakey Gap (CLG) is a uniquely structured environment serving individuals ages 4 to adult on the autism specturm, regardless of the degree of disability.  Each week will be for a different age group, and two of the seven weeks will be designated for children with high functioning autism.  With a focus on camper recreation, skill development, family respite, and professional staff training, CLG provides a truly distinct approach of therapeutic recreation for people with autism.  Campers thrive at CLG through the use of visually structured progamming, development of independent living skills, and opportunities for engaging in social interaction with peers in an idyllic Appalachian setting. Campers are provided with visual structure that aids individuals with autism in participating in activities such as arts and crafts, hiking, outdoor games, gardening, swimming, canoeing, music, and other special events.  Through encouraging experiences with counselors and peers that play up to each individual's talents, campers grow not only emotionally, but also socially.  In addition to experiencing social success, campers are also encouraged to take on leadership roles and try new things, while always being supported in a positive and loving environment.  

Service Details

Camp runs in June and July, and campers come one week at a time from Sunday to Friday. It is a residential camp, but some local campers have done it as a day camp.

Areas Served: 
Alleghany County
Ashe County
Avery County
Watauga County
Wilkes County

Elsa Berndt



Mailing Address
222 Fern Way
Black Mountain