The mission of the Institute for Health and Human Services is to provide research, clinical services, and training programs in the health and human services disciplines.  Since our formation in 2005, the vision of the Institute has been to enable the University to effectively utilize health and human service resources unique to the academy to enrich the lives of North Carolinians and their communities. Fundamental to this vision is the commitment to interdisciplinary responses to the needs of students, faculty, and residents of the region, and collaboration with regional service providers.

While the Institute does not offer academic degrees, a number of academic departments including Psychology, Social Work, Language, Reading and Exceptionalities, Human Development and Psychological Counseling, Health, Leisure, and Exercise Science, and Music Therapy utilize our state-of-the-art clinical and training facilities.  Health and human service related disciplines across campus use the services of the Institute to develop and implement interdisciplinary research projects and training opportunities.


College of Health Sciences - Appalachian State University


ASU Box 32102
Boone, NC 28608
Fax: 828-262-7680

Mary Sheryl Horine
Interim Director
Phone: 828-262-7557
Email: horinems@appstate.edu

Charlene Austin
Executive Assistant
Phone: 828-262-7677
Email: austincc@appstate.edu

Upcoming events

April 25, 2014 CHAMP
May 3, 2014 ZAP Fitness Girls on the Run of the High Country 5K
June 14, 2014 The Cub
August 30, 2014 High Country Half Marathon
October 10, 2014 The Knob
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